summer vacation getaway....where?

@queennee (189)
May 9, 2009 2:06am CST
its the beach for sure..aside from its far from the crowded city water really makes me feel sooo good.i feel very relaxed and calm just lookin' at the blue water and different people in their two piece attire :) eating at the beach is a lot of fun too,i have a very good appetite when im at the beach,looks all the dishes very delicious specially when ur wet while eating.taking pictures is one of my forte and the views at the beach are so good,thats nature.cant wait to swim again and have some splash at the water..:) tempting huh?! so, what's your getaway plan?
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• United States
9 May 09
I love the ocean--it doesn't even have to be a beach. A rocky coastline is nice too. I just love to be in the salt water, filled with mystery and eons of history. I love fish and little sea bugs and seaweed and everything about it. Even when there's sand and mud and broken shells, nothing at the ocean is ever really "dirty" for me--it's all clean. It's hard to explain. In late July I'll be going to Newfoundland for the first time. It's not exactly a "swimming" sort of island, but I think it will be very beautiful, and I hope to go out on some boats. Relaxing on a beach will have to wait a bit longer.
@queennee (189)
• Philippines
11 May 09
as what you have written..its pretty obvious that you really love hangin' out on the beach/ocean.its true,its very relaxing..:) thanks!