Ever felt guilty for over spending?

May 9, 2009 7:22am CST
Have you ever felt guilty for over spending? I am an impulsive buyer and it is one weakness I am trying to get rid of. One counter measure I applied for myself is cutting off my credit cards and whenever I shop, I would go on a budget and make sure I leave my ATM at home. I don't want to be in debt and with the financial crisis right now, I really have to spend my money wisely. But we cannot really get rid of our usual self very easily right? I just bought a pair of new sneakers today and yes, it is expensive. Though there are cheaper ones, I prefer this expensive one since it is my brand. Looking at them now, I know I was defeated of my resolve and I feel guilty. But I will never give up! I know I can change myself! How about you guys...do you love shopping? Do you over spent on your budget? How do you control your finances. Your responses will surely help me a lot Thanks!!!
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@fasyahime (634)
• Malaysia
9 May 09
yeah! i have worst habit of overspending than i original plan especially if i have extra cash on that month!that why i will always pay the necessary item and kept money in other account first whenever i receive my salary!becasue i know that i will use whwetever the extra cash to spend on item that i really want! i have big indulgence on very cheap price and cute item! last month only i spent around US$150 on jewelery only not include clothes and dvd! huhu!
• Philippines
9 May 09
wow, talk about over spending! but don't worry girl, we can change ourselves! Fight!!!
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• India
11 May 09
Yes, I feel it before one year. I go to shop for buying only 1 shire but there I buy 2 shirt and 3 paints. And after that I have no money in my pocket.
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