Has anyone been paid by Instant Bux?

May 9, 2009 11:01am CST
Hi, I just reached payout of $2 on Instant Bux and was wondering if they will pay! Has anyone been paid by Instant Bux. First payout takes 3 - 10 days to get verified then every payout after will be instant. I would like to know if anyone knows anything about Instant Bux as I am curious to know if they will pay me:)
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@rosekiss (30266)
• Eugene, Oregon
10 May 09
I am not a member bot instantbux, from what people are saying that it is a scam, then I probably won't join it either. I thought about prosperbux, but I am glad that i didn't do it as it sounds like they don't pay either. It is sad that so many have tod do that. At least they are free, but it seems like people are wasting their timee with sites that don't pay. A peson never knows when you sing up that you won't get paid. AG least it is just time tat is being wasted and not any investment. I just hope the ones I am doing pay, but if they don't then I will just except it as another bad experience but no money invoved this time. Good luck to you and happy myloting.
@fergus (818)
• Ireland
9 May 09
Hi luckyangel78, I looked up gptboycoot.com its a site where you can report scam sites theres nothing about instant Bux so it must be a good one or gptboycott dom,t know about it yet. Check gptboycott out before signing up to anymore sites there banner is on my profile all the best.