Do you always follow the grammars?

United States
May 9, 2009 2:35pm CST
On our writing, we suppose follow the grammars according to most of the paid - to - write websites. It is part of the game. I believe that none of us perfect on grammar. We just tried to do our best to write a decent piece to earn some extra cash. Are you good at grammar? I am not, and I just do my best to write a quality piece here.
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• China
10 May 09
in days ago when i response the discussion mylot friends started,i always follow the grammars,but now i deeply that the final goal to learn a foreigh language is to comunicate with others,it does't matter if you say the wrong sentenses as long as you let your partner understand i right? if i am wrong please give some advice i will greatly appreciate! best wishes~
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@scheng1 (24748)
• Singapore
10 May 09
Hi Clorissa, I admit that my grammar is very bad, and will never be good. I tend to think in Chinese and translate the words into English. The Chinese language has no concept about past, present or future tense. In a sense, it is redundant to change a word into the past tense, when there is a "yesterday" "last night" to show that the action is in the past. Fortunately with the help of the spell check in MS Word and grammar checker, I manage to correct most of the errors. Too bad mylot doesn't have this function.
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@diamania (7037)
• Netherlands
9 May 09
I'm not good on grammar, sayings and vocabulary. So as long as you give your best you can't be blamed I believe.
@abanerji (1026)
• India
15 May 09
grammar is an imprtant aspect of writing. when you write you must take care of the grammar because a wrog usage may mislead the reader and it may lead to a wrong perception of the thing that you have communicated. well, if you think that your grammar is not very good then convey your message through short sentences.
@sanuanu (11238)
• India
11 May 09
I am not good in grammar. You can find many errors in my posts all around mylot. I am trying to learn but I think I am a little too fast while posting and realize it after submission that I made such and such errors. That is the main reason why I dont' accept mylot tasks.
@paid2write (5202)
10 May 09
In myLot discussions you only need to write in a way that other people can understand. It is not essential to use good grammar. If you are writing articles for a paid writing site it is more important to write well. Badly written articles will not be easily found in search results and will not earn much money from page views. If you want to earn money by selling articles, you need to use good grammar. You also need to understand how to use keywords for SEO, and you need to write in a style that is compelling, in a format that is suitable for the Internet.