Mother, I Am Sick! (Happy Mothers' Day)

May 9, 2009 7:14pm CST
When we're sick, we call our mothers, second to God. And a mother's true happiness and contentment is being able to comfort her kids when they call out, "Ouch! Mother, I'm hurt!" It's good if you're a mother who's good at tutoring or coaching you kids to excel in class. I salute mothers who are like that. But just to be able to come to the rescue of your kids when they're in pain or sick, and say that everything's okay because God's around, is the whole duty of a mother. Happy Mothers' Day is about happy mothers. Don't worry if the future seems bleak to you, or if life's problems seem to put you deep down. As long as you are your kids' super heroine, Happy Mothers' Day!
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• Philippines
13 May 09
I'm a father's pet. But when something wrong or joy come into my life my mother is the first person whom i run and share. She understands me, she cooked for me, she washed my clothes when i was in school yearsn and she still doing it until now. Now that i have my own family, she still there comforts me and my kid. I still run on her and cry on her shoulders sharing her all that i had, with tears fell from my eyes down to her shoulders. I still kissed her. I just want to thank my mom for taking care of me and also for loving my kid. She taught me how to respect all other moms out there. I loved them both. Happy mom's day!
• Philippines
12 May 09
Mothers are very special. They are the best thing that we could ever had in this world. They are always there supporting us, loving us inspite of all of our mistakes they have accept us and make us feel that we're not alone. Mothers are our teachers. God gave us our mothers for us to feel the love that God wants us to feel. Hats off to all the mothers who realy love their kids and who will do everything just to make their kids won in this world battle field!!I am proud to say in the whole world that I AM MY MOTHER'S KID!!!!