Did you defeat your demon today?

United States
May 9, 2009 7:38pm CST
I believe all human life is comprised on an inner battle and an outer projection. The closer you are able to balance those two competing forces the happier you are and more complete. Eastern philosophy calls it the Yin and Yang. These are competing forces of good and evil that rule the universe. Christian philosophy calls it fighting your demons. Some believe these forces are based on external forces that hover around you, seeking an opening of weakness to pounce and make you act other you would normally. I believe our battle is internal in nature and deals with our own desires, envies and lust which causes us to be out of balance with our true self. The apostle Paul describes it as "I do that which I do not wish to do and that what I wish to not do I do". Are constant battle is different for different people depending on experiences, training and desire, however our connection to what we are seeking is the factor that everything depends on. How much do we love, How much do we care?Did you defeat your demon today? Did you connect with something today that helped keep the darkness or depression away? Did something feel you with better thoughts? This is the journey we all go through. Blessings to those who the demons cannot sway.
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