have you been on a double date and your freind is having great time but your not

United States
May 9, 2009 7:57pm CST
i went to the movies with my date, and my freind and his date and when we were in the movies it kind of started out ok cause we were all talking and laughing and then the movie started and we didnt talk. but then in the middle of the movie my reind and his date started to talk and stuff but i didnt cause i didnt want to come on too strong and have her like be mad or something and i didnt know what to talk about. so it was really wierd while they were talking and we wernt, and i felt really bad cause i wanted her to have a good time but i didnt know what to talk about. then later on we were chiling in this lounge type thing and my freind and his date were like playing around with each other and stuff but me and my date were just sitting next to each other not really talking and occasionally i wouyld make her laugh really hard but other than that we just like sat next to each and didnt talk. and a little bit after that me and my freind went home and our dates went home. but i just felt really bad that my dat ehad to watch her freind have a great time while she really wasnt.
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