cook your own?

May 9, 2009 8:47pm CST
Do you have the ability to cook yourself? how did you learned it? From your mom or fro m somewhere else? Are you an expert in this area now? In my case i learned cooking from my mom.Even though i know to prepare some dishes,i was not an expert here... what about yours myloters....
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• China
26 May 09
I like cooking something myself sometimes but not everyday.I learned cooking from my mother too.Sometimes when she is cooking in the kitchen I'd like to stay with her and bring something she wants.Of crouse I am not an expert in this area because I only cook when I happy.I think it is a happy time when you prepear a wonderful meal for your family.
@twinlady (47)
• France
23 May 09
I have been very lucky with learning to cook. Firstly, of course, I watched and learned a lot from my Mum; she was a fantastic cook, who constantly surprised everyone who came to our house with her feasts. I also learned from my grandmother, who learned to cook whilst she was "in service" before and during World War II. After that, I raised a family of three children, who were all heavily involved in sport, so had to learn about nutrition and so on. Now, the family have grown up and I have moved away to France with my new husband, who is a chef - yes, I am still learning! If you are stuck for ideas on what to cook, there are so many websites with recipes etc. on nowadays - I use where there is a wide variety of monthly recipes. You can also email the chef for help, if you need to. Cooking for me is a pleasure, even though I now cook professionally. Cook what you enjoy eating, but above all, experiment - you never know what you might achieve! Good luck
@galileo2008 (1147)
• Philippines
16 May 09
I started cooking when I was 9 years old because my sister wanted me to. She scolded me for being such a lazy gal and so she made me cook for lunch, what happened was the food got burned and she was really mad. Right now I am starting to appreciate cooking shows,and I even researched some recipes online and bought recipe books because I want to show to them that I can also cook.
@zhdy89 (304)
• China
16 May 09
I have the ability to cook myself.I learned it from looking my dad cooked.After graduating from college,I had to start cooking,because I am very distant far from my parents.Read the cooking books,if I have free time,I would asked my colleagues for I taught my son cooking when he was seven.Every weekend now,he is very pleased to kitchen cooking,grilled steak.
@anniefannie (1743)
• United States
10 May 09
I learned to cook from my mom and some things i learned on my own and some things i learned from my friends and other members of my is the best places that people learn how to cook.
@marguicha (103906)
• Chile
10 May 09
I am a very good cook but, of course, there was a time when I couldn´t heat water without burning it. My mother taught me some, I watched what I was eating, I read recipes in magazines and saved the recipes. Now I´m a widow and my friends invite me out for diner and I repay them making a diner at my home. They love it. I know who likes waht so everyone is happy. I´ll post a picture of a dish I made for a diner. My friends insisted in taking pictures and now we take pictures of a lot of my concoctions
• Philippines
10 May 09
i enjoy cooking. i started learning to cook when i was kid because i needed to. i was left home with two brothers while my older siblings are studying in universities away from home. i used to watch my mom or my dad when they were cooking and i tried imitating it. i started with simple dishes and later i concocted my own using alternatives if ever a particular ingredient is not available. i can't say i'm an expert. but with a big family and plenty of nephews and nieces around, we still need to know how to cook and so far, nobody has complained yet. :) one of my odd jobs is a food catering service. it's a small business and earns a little on the side.