Oh,I made it!

@hxstar (510)
May 9, 2009 11:34pm CST
Hi,dear mylotters! Today I woke up at about 11:00,and that is what I want!I haven't got good sleep for a long time.I don't know why,but I just wake up early in the morning ,always earlier than my clock!Oh,this made me tired in the daytime in the past many days.Finally I made it to sleep for a long time!How about you ,can you always get good sleeps? Have a nice day!
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@annierose (18023)
• Philippines
10 May 09
hi xing, Well, most of the time, when I am not that problematic, I can say that I always have a good sleep. I am the kind of person that can easily sleep once my head touches the pillow.And then, no one can wake me up once I am already sleeping.. Being alone in my bed make me sleep also comfortably. Although, I can sleep also with my sister or with my mom, I sleep better when I am alone.Sometimes, when it is hard for me to sleep, I turn the radio on and listen to some mellow music. That makes me feel sleepy and then make me sleep easily.
• India
10 May 09
Sometime, I also feel problem in sleeping. But overall if this happen with me then I get desired rest in coming day. Overall my body know hoe to adjust.
@srganesh (6349)
• India
10 May 09
I think you had a disturbed mind so that you ended with early wake ups without adequate sleep.Or may be you have some ailments in your body that doesn't allow you to sleep well.In either case,you have to try hard to rule out the problems.Just try to have a nice bath before you go to bed,have less food at night that is easily digestible and if you are interested learn and do meditation before bed time.Everything will help you to sleep well.Cheers!
@GardenGerty (101780)
• United States
10 May 09
Sometimes I have trouble sleeping, but I just go on and do what I have to do. I am glad you got the sleep that you needed for today.