Love story (2)

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May 10, 2009 1:12am CST
Go back to college,already facing the design of a reply,I have been feeling a lot of calm.His girlfriend came to the college to see him,I arranged for her to live in my hostel,the bed to give her,I squeezed a few nights with my classmate. During the day I bring her visiting everywhere,the result was almost the respondent eligible for cancellating of the department,was a serious warning. Do not know how to take the stage,his girlfriend and his parents knew who I am.I can very frankly to face his girlfriend,of course,they have married many years. Has been to see him as my brother,but i can feel that he deliberately alienated me.I am still pleased with a day doing my own things,the dance,and those who consider me as "buddy" friendship of friends,but do not want to have any emotional development. Even today,I can say a few words about non-friends of the heterosexul,has nothing with love. Everyone of the heterosexual friends when they like,perhaps the feelings of the moment to happen.Everyone will face a choice,the brother,he is very clear what he select.What he has done nothing wrong,he chose his life,and I wish him well! Love,is a no head and no brain big monster,you do not know when to come,and you do not know when to leave.This is his message left to me. There are many times,I can not help wondering why some people have to love at the expense of the so-called harm to other people,haggard final effort to get their own?I have never thought about the past with another woman for a man to "fight",is this meaningful?! Love is an eternal theme!Bless the world all the lovers married!
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10 May 09
as i heard abt the topic love story.... its nice to talk because every one in the life has their own crush... so every ine has their diffrent love story .... now a day the love is so common... in another way love is all about the caring of a person ....