SJP pays someone else to have her babies

@SuzyLong (775)
May 10, 2009 2:36am CST
I saw it in the newspaper that SJP is paying a 26 years old woman to have her tiwns (due in the summer) for her. There's no info on why as SJP and her hubby Matthew aren't releasing the name of the lady carrying the babies so why do you think they are doing it? SJP is 44 now, she could be doing it so that she doesn't put her life and the babies lives in danger because of her age. Or she could be going it so that she doesn't get fat (the reason some women do it)? I think it's because of her age, if she wants babies that badly, she's going to want the best for them and doctors say that the older you are when you have babies, the more risks there are. But what do you think?
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14 Mar 10
i don't know it mit but some woman do it so their feger don't get messed up and i thing this was durring the time of the first movie i don't know she mitgh didn't want to have a kid with every thing going on. never know.