Do you ever wonder why we are asked to answer stupid questions in school?

May 10, 2009 4:45am CST
Face it! Not many of us end up as scientists or engineers after graduation. I just wondered why we are forced to answer difficult exams in school wherein teachers include items that does not really matter in our daily living. For instance in Physics, we are asked to measure the speed of wave produced when you strike the string of the guitar_ why do they make a simple production of sounds so complicated? Can the teachers just teach us what we need to survive? I mean, how can memorizing the elements of poetry be useful in survival? I am sure we don't write poems if we want to eat... right?
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@rymebristol (1788)
• Philippines
14 May 09
there are many branches of thinking and learning. Logical, Hypothetical, etc. i still remember during an exam, on the last page, this question made me laugh out loud and ask my professor how come a question like this is included in the exam and the question is this. "HOW MANY TENNIS BALLS WILL FIT INSIDE A CAR?" then a note under it, "BONUS QUESTION, 10 points!" haha. i also wonder why in the curriculum there are unnecessary subject that should be taught in school.
• Philippines
1 Aug 09
Good point there. I also experience teachers including unnecessary questions as bonus. I remembered one time when our teacher asked us about her middle name... anyone who can answer gets some bonus points. The worst bonus question is... "How old do you think I am?"... silly, harharhar!
@L30n84 (43)
• Australia
10 May 09
I guess there are a few reasons behind this: 1. To give you career choices. When we were young, we do not know what we want to do and we dont know whether or not we can do what we want to do. Hence I guess one of the reason why they taught us those things were to see if we develop interest in any particular subjects. All things being taught in high school are the basic building blocks which may be required when you do your Uni degree. In short, if students are not being exposed to these materials, how would they know what career path are available to them? 2. To stimulate our brains. Like every other parts of our body the more you train it the better it will become. Aside from the above, teachers cannot just decide what they think you will need to survive in the future. They are required to follow a curriculum, which are set by the government. They also have a responsibility to our parents (who paid for our study) to ensure that we are best equipped for our future career otherwise guess who will be protesting (and yeah I guess if I am a parent I would do it as well :)). This aside, I guess it would be hard to teach student based on just their specific interest. I.e. for someone who is aspiring to be an acoustic engineer the topic you have mentioned above may be relevant. Note you will experience the same thing when in Uni. More than 50% of the materials I have learnt in Uni are not used regularly at work ... but then there is always a time when those things become handy. These are just my 2cents :). L30n84
@kryzell (921)
• Philippines
10 May 09
Very true!!! We all know that we deal with gravity everyday, but I don't get the point of actually calculating it's an essential for living! And why do I have to measure sizes of weird shapes in Geometry? Hahaha!!! Great discussion!