My nightmare FREAKED me out!

United States
May 10, 2009 10:11am CST
I had the worst nightmare last,I can't really remember all of it, but what I can remember was I was going over a bridge and this man in a car beside me kept saying you've killed her, you've killed her, I know that there was more to it then that however it seems cloudy and I have a hard time remembering it. all I know is that I woke up terrified. Then to make matters worst I thought that I could hear someone at our backdoor so I woke my husband up and he went to check it out and he came back and said that there ws no-one there. Know I'm thinking great, I'm hearing things. Needless to say I didn't fall asleep for awhile. I just laid there scared! Has anyone else had a nigtmare that really scared them? What did you do to make yourself fall back asleep?
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