Losing weight

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May 10, 2009 10:27am CST
I am going to try to lose weight. I am going to switch from soda to propel water. I love soda but I need to be happier and more healthy. I am excited too see the results I hope I can do it all I need is self control to wean my way off soda. I hope it works I will give it a couple weeks and let you all know my results.
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@nj3mil (8)
• United States
10 May 09
Best of luck to you. Instead of switching from soda to propel fitness water I would suggest drinking regular water because it has zero calories. And when it comes to loosing weight you can't beat zero! Ten calories in a bottle of propel may not seem like a big deal but it adds up. Let's say you have two bottles of propel every day, that's twenty calories a day, which translates to a pound of body fat every one hundred seventy five days. ( There are three thousand five hundred calories in one pound of fat. ) 175 x 20= 3,500. That's about an extra pound of fat every six months, or two pounds of fat every year! Do yourself a favor and go for the regular water. It's healthy and refreshing. :)