AT&T Buying Assets from Verizon Wireless

@nrn2003 (670)
United States
May 10, 2009 10:45am CST
So I have heard that AT&T is buying assets from Verizon Wireless and that we will all need to get new phones in certain states. What do you think about this?? Me personally I have been wanting an iPhone for awhile so it will be good for me, and maybe the plans wont be as high. Do you think this is a good move, and why did they have to do this??
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@terrin (7)
• United States
10 May 09
AT&T is buying up some Verizon assets but mostly Alltel; the reason for the sell-off is Verizon had to sell some of their assets so the government would approve Verizon's buying of Alltel in January. The merger between Alltel and Verizon created the biggest wireless provider in the US. The government regulates the industry so one company doesn't get so large that they can monopolize an industry (which would make prices higher because of lack of competition). I already have AT&T so I don't think I'll be experiencing any changes. I have also been in contact with AT&T in the last few days and they didn't mention that I'd need to change anything. You never know - your cost could go down, but you'll probably end up paying close to what you are paying now. A helpful hint if you are changed to AT&T: Check the website periodically for the plans/services. I had unlimited texting/media and last week I saw that they renamed that service and it cost $5 less than before. If I hadn't seen it online and contacted them, I would have continued paying the higher priced package. So if you sign up for a service and they later lower the cost of that service, you don't get the savings unless you know about it and contact them. I have always received good customer service with AT&T when I've contacted them.
@nrn2003 (670)
• United States
11 May 09
Great! Thank you so much for the information! I am pretty excited about this happening anyway because now I get to get an iPhone. Verizon tried to make a copy version of it, but its not as good as the iPhone from what I have heard. Thanks for the heads up on the service plans. Yeah I will need the unlimited texting and media package. I do alot of that, but minimal phone talking....I hardly use 100 minutes a month anymore. But I appreciate your time and explanation. Im from Montana and they dont have AT&T in my area so im psyched to get it. have a wonderful day!