When do you go do bed daily?

@cudamani (997)
May 10, 2009 10:50am CST
I go to bed at 11 pm daily. Sometimes a bit early too. It depends on the completion of my work that is normally pending for the day. If there is any work pending for the day I eand then only go to bed. How about you? At what time do you go to bed daily?
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• Malaysia
11 May 09
on working days i usually try to go bed at around 11, else i won't get enough sleep and won't be able to wake up the next morning to go to work haha. if i'm not working then i usually will sleep really late, unless there's something on the next morning
@springs (926)
• India
10 May 09
I usually got to bet at 11:00 pm.Because of this summer,i feel suffocation and it takes more than one hour to sleep.
@sblossom (2170)
10 May 09
I usually go to bed by 11pm too. Mainly because I watch TV a lot from 8pm to 11pm. There are so many good programs on TV I feel difficult to ignore it. Sometimes I go to bed in midnight. I know it's too bad. I should try avoiding it. It's not good for my health also will affect my work at next day. In fact last night I worked on computer till 1am. Today I felt too tired and I had to cancel one lunch meeting with my friends in a pub. They had very good meals and showed off to me. What a big waste!
@flowerday (322)
• Singapore
10 May 09
hihi... currently i am having holiday until school starts in August..and that i am not having a office hour job so i do not need to wake up early..so recently i have been sleeping quite late like 1 or 2 am...the earliest will be at least 12 plus... i think i am too used to sleeping late that i dont think i will be able to fall asleep if i lie on my bed before 12...so it is quite pointless to go to bed so early, i can spend my time doing somethings before i feel sleepy and go to bed...