what makes ford distinct from other cars??

@boomima (228)
May 10, 2009 12:00pm CST
can u tell me why ford is always distinct from other brand of cars
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• Columbus, Ohio
10 May 09
Their ability to break down so often and lack of styling is the main thing that differentiates Ford from other brands.
@Philbo (579)
• Canada
22 May 09
Fix Or Repair Daily. That's what Ford is short for. Lol. Actually I've owned two Fords in my career and neither of them were really that bad.
@magtibaygom (4863)
• Philippines
3 Jul 10
Here in the Philippines, the gas-thirsty Ford Expedition is the favorite car of most government officials especially the rogue high ranking generals of our military. There's a saying among taxi drivers "Don't bump into a Ford Expedition if you don't want to get shot".
@speedy41 (10)
5 Dec 09
The only car company that had the same family for 100 years.The famliy of Henry ford
• India
24 Aug 09
Actually i am ford lover i have two ford cars one is ikon flair 1.3ltr roccam(petrol) and ford fiesta 1.6ltr (diesel) . i also plays drags race i prefer only ford with its power full engine and pick up the segemts cars
@rainmark (4306)
9 Jul 09
the badge. Most Ford look like other cars on the road. They are cheaper than Toyota but not build as well. You get more some out os the older Ford i.e XR2i, XR3. this cars were fun to drive and so power under the hood. But the new desiel engine has some power, but i am more of petrol head than a dirty desiel drivers