How do you feel about Kanye West doing this whole auto-tune approach

United States
May 10, 2009 3:50pm CST
Im not really feeling it. I mean i like'd 808 and heart breaks (his last album) but i this whole autotune thing is getting to far. I blame T-pain for this one.
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• United States
21 Aug 09
i mean kanye will b kanye as long as he is still witty and funny and still talks about things other than money hoes and rims from time to time ill always love him
@kenchobi (147)
• Philippines
7 Aug 09
I think kanye is thinking of a new approach to produce good music and wants to try something new. I love the auto-tune but I think all rappers are over doing it especially Kanye. I really love Kanye as rapper/MC and producer but the auto-tune one or two tracks is enough.
• United States
26 May 09
Well I mean its what he has to do to stay where his is in the game. I mean the music industry has gotten so outta hand lately that most of what you hear on the radio is crap. The industry produces crap because it is cheap, which means that they get to make a bigger profit since their is less overhead. They realize, however, that people won't buy the music so they started deciding to use effects like auto-tune, vocoders, time manipulation, and such to give it something people would think sounded cool. This is ok when used correctly and sparingly, but its gotten to the point where it can make a person who isn't a singer sound like they have perfect pitch. So yeah basically Kanye has over used it, which is why if you LISTEN to him live he sounds bad since he can't really sing. This is why all his shows are visual will lasers and things to distract everyone