What happens when some one dies and the family cant afford to bury them?

United States
May 10, 2009 7:01pm CST
to they have financing or something? i remember a family friend his wife just left him because he wasnt making enough money for her and when he died they had at his service a thing to "donate" money to pay for it all! i thought it was so tacky since his wife had the money but didnt want to spend it on him! surely there is something that can be worked out.. i mean the government only gives you like 250 bucks towards it and its like 10k or more to bury some one and cremation has gotten a lot higher than it used to be (like a thousand dollars was what it used to be but that was years ago) so obviously the government money is a joke as far as helping.. so what happens? do they finance it with the family? sell the persons stuff to use towards it? do they just offer to bury them with no headstone or funeral? or cremate them?