wenchuan anniversary:schering confort with silence

May 10, 2009 8:16pm CST
tow days that is the first anniversary of the earthquake in wenchuan.there is no need to recall that more coverage is devoted to the erathquake.366days and nights for those who have experienced the immediate people in the earthqueake are unforgettable memorise perhaps also because the memory of the heart so when approaching the first anniverssaty of wenchun earthquake the people living in the offected areas are highly concerned about the future again but also ataste for other stocks. first of all i heard a TV to hit a grand opening show sympathy entertainment stars tuened out in full strength on an unprecedented exciting as the theme chapter by the three major components thank condolences to express gratitude to the people of disaster areas reconstructinon hrart shows the results of the recinstructinon of their homes and the spirit of earthquake relief confident hope passting out post disaster reconstruction and the firm confidence in the future vision of a better life exposed form the current program we can see that this symparhy of the songs are performed sych as ten thousand crags and torrents always love hello motherland radiant sun is coming out l love china and other sensational music and even also includes the comic and poetry recitantion id not know what the director out of ideas short with my initial imptession and the inpression has always been to rnsure that this is a very artigicial sensational event was nausea. i can not stand the hosts arr people porm resitation exaggersted can not stand the side of the stage performers conmplain side could not eulogize the gresatness and success so that vivtims can not stand with the feelings of the chinese new year to thank this thankes to that just like the mainland by a television the watch coverage of the earthquake in particular reportrs had sked the vivims at the scene the eatthquake what is your feeling?this reminds me of some other earthquakee related rvent such as the performing arts sector in hong kong last years 5 12 disaster relief performance and taiwan's spread the love to benefit the disaster relief in sichuan province the two stars of the evening to participate in a very tough battle there is no crying nor eulongize what concerns them the most important gactor is the people the vivtims and survivors even mixed with some commercial and entertainmernt factor but it felt natural and sincere at least not make goose bumps. secondly the mainland through the major newspepers visit the earthquake stricken area around the topic of news report these news reports more people are concerned about the feelings of the earthquake and hongjong's two free television shannels jade the return of the hong kong and tauwan news reported that the disaster areas while more than concerned about the newborn's eyes to the earthquake will also some problems later such as school quality and some vicims have not been the issue of rehousing esismic part disaster relief funds were diverted issue question of the psychological fear of the victims from a long time it is cheat that hong kong media repored more practical significance 5 12 appears to be the mainland media festival to the disaster aresa to each other's news content is almost the same none after the excitement the problem remains in addition the propanda edpratment fo beichuan county to have a major task of the current task is to host parties at all levels of leadership and reporters when these leaders and the reporters came to beichuan the propaganda edpartment staff will need to tell them again and again over the past what has happened here do not know who said that hte victims want to live a normal life no longer frghtened by the nightmare of the earthquake annoying however the fact is that the victims in the bottom of their hearts the memory of suffering has been revealed again and again is this is to allow victims to lead a normal life? one might argue that if no mention of the earhquake it will be forgotten lmagine however experienced a personal disaster and several people will easily forget this? i think the best annual festival ti should be silent quiet fot famiy members of victims killed the scent of column is perhaps the best of the dead is also the conmmemoration of the most direct in the day we should stop the catnival with the noisy and noisy distance and refused to vanity to a quiet environmen to hole a memorial ceremony for deceased people while not forgetting to remind the governmrnt to effectively solve social problems left behind by the earthquake including the above mentioned those issues to give confidence and coureage of the living so live a better living
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