if you could do something else with your life what would it be?

United Arab Emirates
May 11, 2009 12:20am CST
Hello Mylotters...:) Sometimes i think or imagine myself being somewhere else living a totally diferent kind of life, other then the one i'm living in real...I wish i could have been maybe married by now,in a beautiful house by the beach, with the perfect men, having my own company , having a lot of friends , travelling all over the world and so on...I don't regret anything what i did in my life but i if could have the option to change something i would...
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@icesmile (7172)
• Romania
11 May 09
Sometimes i think in same thing too. And i imagine all kind of situations, i imagine ..like you that i am not alone, that i have other life. But...in my dreams i want to have same family, but in different place, maybe with somebody who care about me, who are worried when i am sick, who ask me how i feel today, if i need something. Of course that i want keep what i have, but i want more too. I ask myself if is possible to change something...but depend if this was my destiny, or if my destiny i made myself. I like to dream castle in Spain, but when i wake up...i saw just that was sand castle.
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• Philippines
11 May 09
like you... i had imagined myself married by now, with a loving husband and adorable twins. i had also imagined myself being busy with cooking and baking and painting and keeping a wonderful disorder of a happy house. every room and every corner of the house memorable because that's where we had made passionate love everyday and every night since we got married. the family room is filled by scrapbooks and photo albums. the flower garden in full bloom and the organic vegetable garden so lovingly tended. that's another life... that's something else and somewhere else. :)