Do you like flowery wedding ceremony or simply one?

May 11, 2009 3:00am CST
i finished my wedding ceremony after i and my hobby have been loved 8years,my mother in law instood of us to make all the wedding detail and prepared all thing we need to done,so i didn't put any mind into my wedding ceremony,i only invited two or three friends and received sincerely blessing from my parent by phone(my hobby 's home is far awway from my home),so our wedding is very simply,but i satis facted and very happiness that day,of course i have much thankfulness to my mother in law who have done to me for everything,but in my heart,i didn't care about the wedding ceremony, i know love and promise are heavenliness,i have come to learned how to go along well with my hobby frome day to day,so i hope we could do what i want to do rather than make show to be attracted.
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@vivianchen (2648)
• China
11 May 09
Hi Chingmerry, Congratulation for your marriage! I am going to get marry maybe at the end of this year. My boyfriend and his family is preparing the wedding ceremony now. I think i would love to have flowery wedding ceremony and a incredible night. But all of those just my wish so far, because we are not rich enough for that big party, and we have to save some money for our house and honey moon, so maybe they aren't any flowery party. But i think i will still be happy that day. Let's see.
@eLsMarie (4148)
• Philippines
18 May 09
i wanted a flowery wedding, i would be a hypocrite if i say i hate it, but i was more concern of the life we will be having after the wedding.. so, maybe i would prefer a simple wedding... anyways it's not really all about the wedding... it's about the marriage