how do you prepare for the new school year?

@asherem2 (257)
May 11, 2009 6:47am CST
Summer will be over soon...and a new school year will start. As of this time, i can see shops, malls, and department stores having a back -to- school promotions. In fact, i've seen some of my neighbours having school age children buying school supplies and materials. A kind of buying frenzy for school supplies and materials is going on. Old shoes and uniform were discarded replaced by new ones. It seems during the opening of a new school year, this is the routinary activity that i can observed. For me, what i do is, buy necessary school supplies and materials even before the school starts. i just put it in a closet together with other items i acquired which i believe might be needed in school. This spared me the hustle and bustles of acquiring school supplies and materials. As for the bags and shoes - i usually buy it together with the kids during one of our family day out. They choose it and fit it themselves so i don't have to worry whether they like it or not. The school uniform is also bought two weeks before school starts. And oh, don't forget to buy raincoats or jackets for them...buying one in summer is less expensive than having one during rainy seasons. well, what about you? how do you prepare for a new school year?
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