nicknames? do they mean anything????

May 11, 2009 8:04am CST
Now then, I was thinking earlier about my nicknames. My nicknames are: Sprakie, Muppet, Squidge. These all have close meanings to me though. But when I look at other peoples nicknames, they always seem to be a shortened version of there name. What are your nicknames and what do they mean? and how did you come up with your usernames on here???
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• United States
11 May 09
I think that most people have nicknames of some sort. Some are simply shortened versions of their name. Those are the nicknames that people will usually share with other. Usually if it is something off the wall, it doesnt get shared. I have had a million different nicknames throughout my life. Repeat, Little Miss, Little Debbie, Sara Lee, Tanja, Zwergchen. Just to name a few. Only 1 of those actually contains pat of my real name! One of my husbands coworkers that we are friends with is called Rabbit. It is what we all call him. But no one outside of the group calls him that. If we were to stop hanging out with him, that nickname would probably die off. My Dad was called 'Cruise' by several of the people he hung out with in high school and college. Because he rarely sees those people, it isnt a nickname that gets used often. I have only heard him called 'Cruise' once or twice in my entire life. It isnt how he introduces himself. I think that all of these names have meaning, they just arent always shared. Unless someone goes around introducing themselves as something off the wall, nicknames are usually isolated to only a few people.