does it annoy you....

May 11, 2009 9:39am CST
Does it annoy you when ex-smokers go on and on about you giving up smoking... same applies with non-smokers, it really annoys me just because they have given up/never started doesnt mean that everyone wants to give up
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@EvrWonder (3577)
• Canada
23 Apr 10
It doesn't really annoy me no. I feel each to their own but I do not like someone preaching to me, about anything and i will speak up and stand my ground. If someone just out right starts claiming that myself or anyone else must stop smoking, I would likely tell them to go mind their own business. Stop preaching. Maybe they are having heavy withdrawals because usually people harp on others about something because whatever it is that they are harping on about is something that they need to change within themselves. I just don't put up with b.s. from many at all. Each to their own. I don't lay my thoughts of right or wrong or beliefs on anyone like it is my way or the hyway so i certainly am not about to take that sort of thing from someone else. So yes, it does annoy me when people think that they can go on and on to me about something, anything that they dislike that I may be doing! Forget that! I have no use nor the time for people like that.
1 Oct 10
Hi, sorry for the late reply I have been off the site for a while, thanks for replying. I have got a friend that is an ex smoker and she is constantly patronisng me about smoking telling me all the time to give up, thats what drove me to this discussion
@lynnymac (105)
• United States
17 Nov 10
yes, this is very annoying. when someone tells me that smoking will take 10 years off my life i say, ''those are the years i will be talking to my bellybutton lint and won't be able to take care of myself, so i'm counting on it''.
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• United States
9 Apr 10
It's never really bothered me, a lot of my friends are avid nonsmokers. We've had discussions about smoking, it's always kind of fun. A lot of times the never smokers are just interested in what drives you to light the next one. The ex's tend to be kind of jaded and I think they just want a cig. :)
1 Oct 10
Hi, I have been off the site for a while and have just realised that I had replies, first things 1st thanks for replying and I am sorry that I had not replied sooner. Maybe its just me then, feel like Im gettin pressurised :)
@Shavkat (67234)
• Philippines
4 Aug 12
It is a matter of choice, I would be annoyed when a smoker will announce he or she will cessate of smoking habit. But, at the end it didn't happen at all.