These Pakistani Orphans are breaking my heart!!

United States
May 11, 2009 10:42am CST
I get so overwhelmed when I watch these young children inside these small orphanages and to sit back and watch it seems just awful to me. Im adopted and while I was no orphan I can wholly relate but what I can not relate to is the WAR, the famine, the fear they must deal with on a consistent basis. It just makes me sick out of my mind with war and how INSANE the human race can be. Then you take it to a global scale and realize this going on in all different parts of the globe....its overwhelming. You see what our troops are going through and how emotionally battered their coming back could you just IMAGINE the children dealing with this everyday. No wonder we have terrorism, that is ALL THEY KNOW, its the worst shame. I have a friend in the family who is a marine who came back from one deployment out in IRAQ and he was never the same. His father disowned him basically because he was in the navy and he should be able to deal with it like his father. I do not doubt for a second that those lost children had an even greater impact on his life then he had intended. There is a personal responsbility you have to protect children and when you go against that it is just not Natural and war goes against all that.
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