I love this band! And he’s my cousins’ Hubby!

May 11, 2009 12:15pm CST
http://www.pogey.ca/ Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you : POGEY! This is a band from the East Coast, Nova Scotia to be specific, my home province and they’re getting big! Nice East Coast sound, great covers of all types of songs, my favorite one, and this one I heard the first time I heard them play : Africa. They’re coming to the West once more, and I know for a fact that wherever they will be playing, it WILL be packed with Maritimers that are out here in the West working, such as myself. And what will I do? Why I shall inform all of my cousins, fellow east coasters, Calgarian friends, heck, maybe even create a facebook event to meet up at the place where they will be playing, like reserve 3 tables, and spread the word. I am PROUD of this band! So give a listen, don’t worry about leaving a comment on this discussion, more than welcome to do so, but I’m just sharing some good music with you all, so ENJOY! On another note: My cousins’ boyfriend just informed me that Pogey means government assistance lol.
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