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May 11, 2009 1:39pm CST
Hi friends, Today, I'm opening a discussion about reviewstream, a site supposedly pays money to review about just anything and everything. Actually I'm thinking of joining this site. I realized that some of you mylotters here have joined this site too. Can you tell me about your experience? And maybe answer several of my question like is this another scam ? Does it really pay money for a review? How to write review without being rejected? I really need some serious info about this site, guys. Hope you can help me...
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@venmarz13 (735)
• Indonesia
11 May 09
ehm..i think its not review about just anything and everything.because i have experience here.i post abot shop in my country and you know,they refuse t and say that they not interest of my review.get it?so they not 100% free to write.i ever wrote about hotel in my country and it just valued by bulk rate.OMG i write its take a long time.but in here any people can reach the minimum.i hope you will be the next lucky man.i give up with the system like that.
• Malaysia
12 May 09
Hi venmarz13, I'm sorry they treat you like that. But just out of curiosity, after you've submitted your review, how long did it take for Reviewstream to process your submission? A day? A week? Just wondering...