Very weird dream!

@mikeley (321)
May 11, 2009 4:32pm CST
Last night i had a dream that was quite strange. I was in town it was a normal day but something was wrong there was nobody about at all! Then out of nowhere these shadow figures started appearing. They were of a human form and there was about 30 of them. They were completely silent just wandering about aimlessly. what happened next was really strange they noticed me and all stop moving for a second....then they all started to walk towards me surrounding me. They slowly moved in closer till they were literally a inch away from me. All they done was stand around me like they were trying to protect me?! Some dreams are very mysterious and to understand them is sometimes impossible. Mikey:)
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@machatago (385)
• Philippines
12 May 09
Wow, that is a wierd dream mikey. Maybe those people are trying to protect you on something or are they? Hmmmm.... I really cant tell. Maybe you can ask someone who are expert on these dreams if you really wanna find out what is the meaning behind that strange surreal dream you had and good luck. Always stay happy and happy mylotting. Hehehehhe