Do you feel that some of services you used were outsourced to foreign countries?

United States
May 11, 2009 7:11pm CST
From my experience, nowadays, some of the services we used daily were outsourced to other countries. For instance, the customer service was totally outsourced. The representative I spoke to was more like an Indian accent. He has totally no idea what I tried to explain to him the situation. So, I just got a little bit frustrated with their customer - no - service right now. On other instances too. If they want to outsource the work, at least they should get someone to speak a little more English to help the customers.
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• United States
12 May 09
I agree that it is quite frustrating when it is hard to understand the person from customer service! I must admit that it seems like the Indian customer service reps are more interested in helping than most of the ones that have an American accent! Once you take a minute to get through their accent, they really are quite helpful. They try as hard as possible to resolve the situation. Of course, that is just a generalization. There are some bad customer service reps everywhere. There are also some good ones everywhere. I just hate seeing all of the jobs leave the country!