thinking about making a money making book

@oscar6 (1939)
United States
May 11, 2009 9:06pm CST
Hey mylotters, I was wondering if someone offered you a book on how to make money online for free and it only cost 2 dollars would you buy it? I am thinking about making such a book. It would have 13 or more sites in it with payment proof and instructions on how to make money on the sites. I would also be available to chat certain hours of the day to answer questions. Here are some of the kinds of sites that would be in it: get paid to complete offer sites survey sites ptc sites one data entry site one ad viewing site paid to write sites So mylotters if this was created would you be interested? no im not asking for people to buy it im just wondering if I should take the time to complete it to sell. What do you think?
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@fergus (818)
• Ireland
12 May 09
Hi oscar6, You would be better of if you made a website like a scam site a place where everyone could check to see which sites are scams. I don,t think many people would buy your book not me anyway. If you want to make a free website theres a banner on my profile it will bring you to webstarts you can build a free website there you sould also sell your ebook on the website as a option all the best.
@lak2jai (807)
• India
12 May 09
I am sure I will not buy the book for cost. Here lot and lot of people are offering links to the perfect paid sites which will give them earnings also. I am sure that even if you are giving free of charge it will give you more and more earnings and you can get a daily payout of minimum of USD 100 without any hard effor on your part. I let you to think to release the book at once free of cost as you give a way to people to think of releasing such a e-book free of cost. Now I am sure many more mylotters will start of issuing that type of book free of cost. Rush if you want to be number one.