Have you remember today(12 May) on 2008 (last year)?

@haiershen (1084)
May 11, 2009 11:21pm CST
on the day of last year. at 2:00 pm,earthquack was happened at sichuan province in china,this day is need to remember,most of people was died at earthquack, and most of hero was appered. and most of story was been remembered in our heart. miracle was appeared one by one.face to the natural disasters,we have see courage,unity etc.how great people are!we all thank for many other country and other people's help.blessing wenchuan perople! in the same time, hope every body can be treasure every day, love ourself.
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@williamjisir (22903)
• China
8 Jun 09
Hello haiershen. It is a memorial day for us Chinese because it brought us the great disaster we have ever had in China in the past decades. I still remember that I wept a lot each time when I read so many pieces of sad and touching news about the disaster caused to our people. I still keep some of the links of videos that moved me so much and often I would like to watch it, but always in tears while watching. I am glad that our government paid great attention to it and I appreciate those people who offered help to our country, either financially or physically or materially. I am glad that all of us colleagues and students donated money to help support the quake-hit areas. It is what we are supposed to do to help those in need, those who lost their homes. May 12th is the day I will never forget. I will always remember those sad as well as touching scenes and stories...Bless our deceased country fellows! May they live well in their world!
• China
9 Jun 09
Hello haiershen. Thank you so much for the BR. I appreciate it a lot. Happy posting and have a good day.