How many hours do you sleep?

@yoyozhou (356)
May 12, 2009 9:44am CST
As we all know,sleeping is important for people.And I usually go to sleep at 10:30PM and get up at 5:30AM.I sleep for 7 hours one night.Is it enough for a people? What time is it best to sleep? What about you?
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@aikhong (662)
• Malaysia
12 May 09
Oh you've to wake up so early in the morning each day to get to work? According to some scientific studies, 8 hours of sleep a day is the sufficient amount, and the best time to sleep is 11pm or before 12am. It's the time for our body to rest and do the detoxifications. Sleeping late will prevent these process from happenning and affect our health on the whole. My sleeping time is not that regular, sometimes i sleep at 11.30pm, sometimes later than this. Things have to be done before i can go to sleep peacefully,haha. For working days i'll wake up at about 7am, whereas for holidays for sure, i'll wake up later, sometimes even until 10am.
@yoyozhou (356)
• China
13 May 09
People always say that it is good that go to sleep early and get up early. I am strictly carry on the rule!hehe...