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May 12, 2009 11:15am CST
After working all day at the office, you are finally on your way home. You stop at the store to give your right arm for some gas(smile). While in the store paying for the gas and a Coke, the lady at the register asked if you want to play the millions pot lotto. You do indeed get a quick pick ticket for 1.00. As you are walking to the car looking at the ticket you think of how nice it would be to win. TheN you place the ticket in the glove box and head home. After arriving at the house, you eat dinner get the stuff ready for tomorrow then go to bed. The next morrrning you are getting ready for work and the local news lady is saying that the single winning ticket was bought in you town. Not thinking much of it you finish getting reday and head off to work. In the car during the communt the DJ on the radio is still going on and on about the winning ticket and that no one had claimed it yet. You get your ticket out and as he calls out the numbers they match---- ALL 5 MATCH. It is now that you relize that you are the lucky man--- the WINNER of the 241,000,000 what would you do with your new found wealth?
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12 May 09
I would do what any wise man would do. I would invest in in a CD and let my money make more money for me.