Girls are more atracted towards dirty jeans-clad-guy than to clean jeans clads

May 12, 2009 11:21am CST
Once i had to visit a party like situation without knowing beforehand and I felt embarrassed because i was wearing a dirty leans while all others were in dazzling attire . One of my friends was also present at the spot and he noticed sweat of nervousness on my face. When he came to know the reason, he pulled me to a corner and told me that I was mistaken. Because the reverse is true- because, somewhere he found a articles on feminine psychology where it was claimed that "Girls are more atracted towards dirty jeans-clad-guy than to clean jeans clad ones." However girls alone were not my concern. But do you think it is true? Here, i think the opinions of girls will be very interesting- what they prefer?
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@Margajoe (4720)
• Germany
12 May 09
I prefer clean jeans. Maybe I am old fashion. hahaha! Take care, have a nice evening.
@love2talk (115)
• India
12 May 09
Hi! akumai1269, I am a girl and I don't think girls are attracted to dirty jeans. Clean guys look good but yes I agree a faded jeans n all gives somewhat macho looks which definitely attracts us.. Casual looks are always welcoming I hope. One should be confident in what one is wearing, that makes him /her attractive and presentable to others.Your case was different however,as you found yourself in such a perplexing situation. Your friend gave you the right boost of confidence sweet of him.//keep smiling//
@krajibg (11936)
• Guwahati, India
12 May 09
This is nothing but a perversion. You know certain girls would be happy if they are whipped similarly the guy who are in dirty Jeans are more appalling fr them. With the perversion you can not do anything.