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May 12, 2009 4:13pm CST
Hi my name is Becky and I would like to tell you about my website called This site will help you throw all the steps it takes to make money with this site. The best thing is it's free to join just like this one. So what do you have to lose. Just copy and past my site and find out how you can make money with this program. You will love it I know I do. I don't know where i would be with out it. You make money lots of ways with this program. There is a bit of investing but not much under I would say about $ we all know nothing is fully for free you have to have money to make money, but not much with this. Think of it this way you need money to get some gas so you can go to the store or work. So, why not make money from home the online way. We are all here for different reasons. some are here to make money others to make friends and so on. Try to think of the big picture of life what do you want out of life. Yes, we have all heard these words but agine it is free to join and whats better then that lol...try it for your self you will be glad you did and i will see you on the other side someday soon. One more thing, think about this what if a hand full of people gave you just a $1.00 now add that up and what do you see. Right!! not bad. Make your money work for you.
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@anetteh (3591)
• Sweden
13 May 09
Hi moneylife, and welcome to the best place online...Mylot, it is free and work really great for those want to make money online for nothing. And if You are investing money in order to make money...well I am glad it works for you. I would not waste my money to make money, I think it should be free....and there are several ways of doing that...investing money online to make it work for you, it is the same as found your money in the stock market...and take lots of risks...that is not a god investment...a god investment is when the invested money do pay of,,,Sorry if I sound hursh...I do not mean to...
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