calamansi solution for bad odor armpits?

May 12, 2009 10:31pm CST
calamansi - extract for armpits?
Deodorants and alum crystals are often used to get rid of body odor and dark armpits. Deodorants come in different forms like stick and lotions. Applying deodorants prevent you from having bad odors. But during sweaty activities these substances don’t last. You’ll start to smell in the middle of your events. These deodorants leave stains on your clothes and cause dark armpits too depending on the chemicals present. Here is a tip if someone would like to go for organics for their armpits. I am referring to the use of calamansi. How to use kalamansi? After taking a bath, apply the juice extract from kalamansi on your armpits. Leave it there for some minutes and you're done. You'll see a big difference after a week.