how many words in helium?

May 13, 2009 1:35am CST
hey helium members, i want to know how many words should i make in an article for helium? i've surfed over the site, i haven't seen any figures there. please help.
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@paid2write (5202)
13 May 09
Yes there is a minimum word requirement of 400 words for a Helium article. If you try to submit an article containing fewer words it will not be accepted when you try to publish it on the site. Adding a few extra words or lines to reach the requirement should get it published successfully. A Martketplace assignment will specify a different word requirement and then you have to keep within the number of words requested by the publishers and stated in the guidelines. When I started writing at Helium over a year ago the minimum word count was 350 and sometimes I found it difficult to write even that many. Now I have more than 200 articles at Helium and I often write more than 700 words. This is not too many for Helium, but usually I cut it down to between 500 and 600 words.
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• Philippines
14 May 09
oh, that sounds like a whole bunch of work. i don't think i can survive with that nature of work.I'm not really into some serious writing. i don't like to worry about the quantity of words i had to make just to earn that little and had to wait for a longer time just to reach pay out.maybe helium is not for me really.i had to accept that fact. I'll stop being a frustrated writer/author. LOL.