which one you choose reputation or benefit ?

@fwangaa (3058)
May 13, 2009 3:07am CST
what will you do , you will gain a well reputation? is it tired for you to gain a well reputation? i think so. i found it is very tired for me to gain a well reputation. sometimes. you have to say the words that hurt yourself even you brain and body. what you think think about that?
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• India
13 May 09
well i think gaining a good reputation is equally important to gaining profit , i try to get both of them simontaniously , but i always fail in getting good reputation.so i always get good profit. its like you can not get both of them together.but although since i never earned good reputation i want to earn it now and always will wan to get it.
@hotsummer (10449)
• Philippines
13 May 09
gaining more or good reputation is much better than acquiring wealth. cause by good reputation that we can enjoy the esteem of other people. and we will be bold to face people in any situation. which i think will bring benefit in many ways also including many opportunities for us to work in more highing paying job. cause if you will have good reputation that more companies will trust and of course will like to hire cause they don't want to hire any dishonest people who will or may destroy their company. and so having a good reputation is more rewarding and we should work at it in gaining good reputation also.