Buying books to read or going to library to read books,which you will choose?

@yoyozhou (356)
May 13, 2009 8:13am CST
It is a bewildering problem for me to choose wether I will buy a book I like to read or go to library to read books. If I buy a book,I can read everywhere and everytime.But it cost high.If I go to library,I can read more book with a little money.But library limits the places or time. What is your choose?
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@aikhong (664)
• Malaysia
13 May 09
Sad to say, I seldom go to libraries nowadays. I only went to library when there's a need for me to look up some important information or those which are of specific knowledge in certain fields. It actually depends on what kind of books you're looking for. Library doesn't cost you much to have books to read, but it has limited time available and also on the books type you're looking for. For me, i usually find books at book shops, and actually i look for novels more than other type of books,haha. I'll roughly read through the content, if it is allowed to do so, then only decide to buy if i'm really interested. For people who likes to have the collection of certain types of books, maybe they'll prefer to buy it and keep it for collection purposes. Me myself do have a collection of novels writen by a chinese online author. Those are the books that i'm always ready to buy it wihtout much hesitation,haha.
@yoyozhou (356)
• China
13 May 09
Hehe...,yes,I also seldom go to libraries because the big library is far from my home. The nearby library has not a lot of books. It contains some old books.