Let them eat cake! Stressed out and baking up a storm

United States
May 13, 2009 8:29am CST
I have an interview this morning for the manager training program at work. I HATE interviews! As such I have been sooo stressed out, that my husband finally told me yesterday to take the cake I made to work. "Let them eat cake," he said, "Who knows, maybe the interviewer has a sweet tooth." In the last 4 days I have made 3 types of cookies, 2 cakes, eclairs, bread, brownies,and an apple pie. I have been giving most of it away because hubby could never eat it all, and I don't eat when stressed. At this point I am almost relieved knowing that in another 3 hours the interview will be over and within a week I should know if I got in. My boss keeps telling me not to worry, but I do. Even if I don't get in this time, I won't lose my job, but I really want the promotion! Cross your fingers for me and have a great day, and a cookie or brownie! How do you destress? Any better ideas that don't add pounds or inches?
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• Philippines
13 May 09
Hi lorelei1622...actually I don't get stressed easily...I don't know maybe because of the way I was brought up. My grandpa was in the army so he was so strict in raising my father. I was attached with my dad, he raised us (me and my other siblings) a little similar to the way grandpa raised him. I learned how to be independent at an early age. My dad always told us to use our head. And that's what I do, in every situation I am in, I always analyze it.. so as for you, use logical thinking, you know what to say, when to say it and why you are saying it, same as your action or doing...you know what when we are stress even if we know what we are doing, and we know how to answer, and we know freely well what to do..we tend to became dumb sometimes, we rattle, some became so tense that they mumble with their words...but you know the best thing to do when you are on stress is to exercise breathing- yes the inhale and the exhale...cause when we are tense and stress we seem as if we are running out of air or had just finish a 5 min. jogging...you need to relax in order to think your situation and of course pray....the latter is what I always do and it works...things and situation outside of yourself-that you cannot control...but the way you react and handle your emotions and thinking-that you can control....I hope this helps....happy mylotting.