What instrument do you play?

May 13, 2009 2:20pm CST
Loads of people know how to play one instrument or another. But not many actually make their job out of it. Some play in a band, others play in their room for themselves. I play the drums, I do play in a band, but only since a year. I've been drumming for five years, and I still love it! I'm also trying to learn the guitar, but that's just something to keep myself entertained. I'm wondering what you're doing music-wise? Are you just a listener or do you play too? And if so, why and what?
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16 Dec 09
i do play guitar. it's somewhat playing it making me feel good.. but i also want to learn more on drums because i find it very cool. i envy those people who are really good at playing it. i just realize how it helps me to relax and expressed my feelings.
@goapples (129)
13 May 09
I play the violin, the piano, trumpet and the guitar but unless you play regularly or practice a lot you become quite bad at playing the instrument. I played in an orchestra but not really any more and once in a band but we were quite bad.
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13 May 09
I used to attempt to play the flute when I was in gradeschool. I had a hard time coralting the music notes to the fingerings so my dream of learning the flute never panned out *LOL* Otherwise I mess a lil bit and play chop sticks or mary had a lil lamb on an old keyboard we've got floating around the house.