How many in one day?....................

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May 13, 2009 3:50pm CST
Ladies how many times in one day have you climax? Gentleman how many times can you climax in one day?
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21 May 09
i can do it somtimes like 4 times, but not in a day...but kind of in a row. Like i would take a little brake between but then i could go again. and then after we go about our day, maybe later on that night i could go another once or twice if i push it. but after like the third time in a row it starts getting pointless, you start shooting like one drop per ORGSM. lol But when i was 14 i could do it like endless, i was in the bedroom like every chance i could when i was a youngin. lol. 21 might not be old but i dont feel 14 anymore LOL!!
@TheAgent (221)
• United States
13 May 09
I would say about five times is enough for me. Any more than that, my little guy starts hurting. LOL Anytime my wife is ready, I can do it. Sometimes more times than she can handle. That is always great.