If you get a fly in your drink do you still drink it???

@hezoid (2147)
May 13, 2009 5:45pm CST
After you've taken the fly out of course!!! I'm really thirsty and my husband has just brought me a lovely cup of tea. I only drank a few sips and then noticed a fly had gotten in it - yeuk! Glad i noticed before i took another sip. Well now i have taken the fly out and i still want to drink my mug of tea becuase i'm really thirsty and can't wait for a fresh one to be made. Is this a bit gross of me? would you drink a drink that had had a fly in it?
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@paula27661 (15899)
• Australia
14 May 09
Uhmmm....I know I would want to drink it but...no, no way cannot do it. I would definitely have to wait for a fresh cup. My mum had an experience once with a mug of hot milk. Around 60 years ago when she lived in Italy as a kid and money was very scarce she was drinking her milk and although she thought it tasted strange she kept on drinking it because there was no more. She discovered a cockroach at the bottom of the mug, hence the strange taste! No one likes cockroaches but, because of this experience my mother has a total phobia and freaks if she sees one, even from a distance!
@Lakota12 (42681)
• United States
14 May 09
nope would dump it out straight away!
@eichs1 (1934)
• Philippines
14 May 09
I can tolerate ants, but fly? Hmmm... I can wait for the new cup of drink.
@lilaclady (28238)
• Australia
13 May 09
oh no that would make me sick, i have a hatred of flies and the thought of where they have been would really make me sick, no I think I would have to go make myself anoth cuppa...