May 13, 2009 10:35pm CST
Many people have this psychological nausea problem while travelling in a bus, car or flight. Do anybody have answer for the question as to why there is this problem and as how to come out of this problem or control ourself during our journey?
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@ilawise26 (191)
• India
14 May 09
Hi deepakrishan!!! I suffer from the same problem. Its called as motion sickness as one of the responses rightly said. I have found a very informative article on the same on this link : However i would share my own experience here. Motion sickness happens because of continuous motion. When we travel long distances in a vehicle our brain does not coordinate with the complete motion as we are only passengers.Because of this we have feelings of sickness,nausea etc. According to me,the best ways i could keep this in control during travel was through continuous munching of light foods or chewing the gum. Avoid travel on an empty stomach as it aggravates nausea. Avoid oily and fatty foods. Just carry some nuts or mouth fresheners with no strong perfume because even strong odours cause nausea.You can even carry chutney sandwiches or light rolls. So,next time you travel,pack a mouth freshener like Aniseed(saunf),chewing gums,candies ,nuts like almonds or some fruit to keep you away from motion sickness!!!
@maximax8 (29148)
• United Kingdom
14 May 09
I think that before traveling it is best to have a good meal so not to feel hungry during the journey. That is because being hungry will make the feeling of nausea even worse. One of my friends gets sea sick so I give him some ginger cookies and let him wear my travel bands around his wrist. I greatly prefer to sit next to the window and get some fresh air when that is possible. It helps to feel as relaxed as possible so if feeling worried taking a deep breath might assist. My sister was a bit scared about going on a plane but she went on one and liked it very much. It is wise not to read a book whilst on a bus if feeling travel sick. I know that even looking at a map on a bumpy trip could make me feel travel sick. Some people do take travel sickness pills sold my a chemist. Generally I feel fantastic on trains. I rarely feel sick on a bus unless it is a rough trip. I can feel travel sick on a ferry when the sea is really rough. Good luck.
• Philippines
14 May 09
hi! i think it's often caused by suffering from motion sickness. our body is being displaced with a movement much faster than our normal walking or running rate. a moving car traveling 80-100 mph compared to us walking 3-5 mph. we're covering great distances than what our body is accustomed to. being inside a closed vehicle, we can also smell all sorts of scents, good and bad. if we are travelling with other people, we're likely to inhale carbon dioxide too (that they have exhaled) rather than mostly oxygen while walking thru open air. the air pressure in a plane or being couped up in a closed vehicle can add nauseatic effect to our state also. some take motion sickness pills before traveling, some do a lot of chatting so as not to focus on getting nauseaus while traveling, some would sleep it off and hope for the better... and some (like what i do) just travel and travel some more until the body gets accustomed to the movement. when one gets used to traveling, the nausea problem will be less and less until completely gone. so if suffering from this problem while traveling especially long distances, pack a few candies or gum, wear the most comfortable traveling clothes, have a bottle of water ready, a travelling pillow would be nice, and a handy cologne. :)