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@mommye (170)
United States
November 11, 2006 6:42pm CST
What exactly is the my images section of Mylot for? Do you upload your own pictures you have copyright too or just any picture you want to share with everyone?
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• Pakistan
15 Feb 08
Go to the photos section of here you would get some instructions and a form to download the pictures. such as: Since user profile photos tend to be personal in nature, you will not be compensated for these photos. Instead, you now have full ability to add and delete these photos at any time. Think of profile photos of a way to express yourself and pimp out your user profile page! If you’re looking to earn for your photos, there is still a HUGE opportunity to earn. You will be compensated for each photo added to a discussion or to an interest.
• India
12 Feb 08
hello, the my images page is to upload an imge regarding the discussion you are also earn extra for the image u are responsible for the image you upoa you just cant upload ilicit imges on this site.
• India
26 Dec 07
it is that u can add an image while starting a discussion & it shuold be related to it..... not your picture or somehting of that sort.....