how many relationship do you have before you get married?!

@ckyera (17261)
May 14, 2009 3:05am CST
i'm just curious coz some says collect & collect before you select... some are just an arranged marriage but you? how many gf/bf/ you had before you settle down? me i only got 1, he's my bf for 5 years b4 we got married...the one & only..:-) have a nice day! blessings!
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@djoyce71 (2512)
• Philippines
14 May 09
Good day to you ckyera. In my life, I only had two, but the first one lasted only for a month. The second one, which eventually became my husband was my steady for three years before we got married. It's really good to be back to mylot again.
@Beertjie (978)
• South Africa
14 May 09
Congratulations on finding the right person right away. As for me, I am still searching. I had plenty of relationships but I never had the one that i knew - she is the one I want to be with forever. I am not desperate and at the moment not seeking to hard, if someone comes my way, I will be friends. If something more serious developes, I will take it as it comes. I will not marry until I am very sure. I will be 40 in 2years, but that does not bother me, i am very content with situation as it is. May your marriege be blessied