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May 14, 2009 5:07am CST
I currently live in a university house with 3 people who i had never met before. One of them moved in the same day as me and everything was ok at first then he got all clingy and basically stalked me phoned me all the time and texted me while i was in my uni classes. Then the 2 other house mates moved in in november and i got on with them at first. Then in November i had my ipod stolen from my room and i know its only one of the house mates who has taken it, since then i haven't been able to trust them do you think this is fair? Also last month i started being accused of taking someone's post when all i did was sign for it and put it on the kitchen table i only just got informed by the police that it contained someones passport. What should i do??? I think the person who has lost their passport is saying its been taken because they have actually lost it as he needs it to renew his UK visa as he is a student from Nigeria. What help can you give me?
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18 May 09
well if you say you have to stay there till your contract then i would say that you should try and keep yourself to yourself and stick to your own company. im sorry that you have to do that. stick it out =] keep us posted. good luck
18 May 09
only bout 23 days to go and il try to keep you posted
@jellymonty (2358)
17 May 09
Why am I not surprised that one of them housemates is a Nigerian?? That alone should tell you to RRRRRRRUUUUUUNNNNNN!!!!! Seriously sweetheart just back your bags and go find another house.. This is why it is not always a good idea to live in cheap house share accomodation.. I personally prefer to spend a fortune to live comfly than have a bunch of people I've never met as housemates... Usually if you want to share, find married couples who are renting out rooms as its better to stay with a family than a bunch of students (especially if you are all from differrnt countries)so dear.. get out of there NOW!
18 May 09
the thing is i had no choice as i joined a uni and they promised me accomodation and when i was meant to move in that was the only place they could give me to live.
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14 May 09
WOW, sounds like it time to pack and run as fast as you can. Make sure to get all your things and never have to go back. I am sure you can find better living arrangements than that. GOod Luck!!
15 May 09
i am moving but iv got to stay here until june becaus of exams and a contract!
@ww1122 (1)
• China
16 May 09
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@Ozarkgirl (774)
• United States
14 May 09
Move, Move, Move, and get the hell out of there!!