You and me together, you happy?

May 14, 2009 10:18pm CST
You and me together, you happy? "When he asked me this, I paused, but did not answer him, only said," you were not sitting next to me when I think you "Yes, I do not know that I am not happy in the end faster? My Heart have been insensitive, and have everything come out in my mind, just like painting out painting the same color, looks a bit sad ... ... it can not then add color. Efforts to cover up the face of the complex facial expressions, he still see through, over and over the question "how do I it?" I do not even know myself how it? I what to answer. Just find a quiet place to cry loudly, friends I am afraid of change, we all like to live with strangers, always in the bottom of my heart said to myself over and over again "Let's step in a brighter future, should not be friends to care about. " Pain in my heart but also tired, so looking for people to vent, but he is not my punching bag, I can not get him to give vent to, I do not want the grief I gave him.
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