Any home treatment for baldness?

@arkansos (546)
May 15, 2009 9:46am CST
Okay I am not really bald, but I noticed that there is a recession in hairline above my temples, serious recession. I am kind of worried as this is the first stage of baldness. Would apppreciate some practical solutions? Emphasis on practical
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@cicisnana (775)
• United States
15 May 09
OK, actually I have a treatment for you. But unfortunately I don't know how to tell you to go about finding it. Maybe search the web. My friend, and this is a female friend had really thin hair! She almost looked like she was going bald. One day I was at her house and we were getting ready to drink coffee. Anyhow, on her table was what appeared to be creamer so I started to put my spoon in it and enjoy my coffee with cream. She stopped me and told me that it was colostrum. Her dad had given it to her, he had bought it to "cure" his baldness, but now this man is BALD. It did put a little hair on his head, but it made the rest of him really hairy and he didn't like it. With my friend, it has really helped. She now has a head full of hair. To my knowledge she hasn't had a problem with "getting hairy." The colostrum was in a powder form, just as you can find coffee creamer. It has the same texture, and while I didn't try it, my friend says it has the same taste. And that is how she drinks it. In her coffee, that is.